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How effective are most Distributor presentations?

Not very! Only 16% provide reasons why a retailer should carry their brand, and less than one in four offer any category information. In fact, 40% of distributor presentations cite “tastes great” as the sole reason why a retailer should carry their item. Does your distributor’s sales team clearly understand and effectively communicate how your brand adds value?

To stand out, you don’t have to be different, you must be outstanding!

It is for these reasons that our organization has developed an elite presentation format that is not only unique, but also highly effective. These presentations provide buyers with insights into category trends, competitive assessments, individual retailer set reviews and consumer test market reactions to your brand. We understand that buyers remember 15% of what they hear, 20% of what they see and 85% of what they see and hear. Our elite presentations integrate compelling audio and visual features to maximize buyer retention and ensure consistency of communication.

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